Self Build SIP Garden Kits

As the self build market is becoming more and more popular, homeowners are now on the lookout to create extra space with a contemporary style garden room built on highly insulated SIP’s core. SIP panels have become popular in garden room design as they are quick to assemble and completely envelope the building in insulation, removing the cold spots that can occur with traditional frame options.

Choosing the Kit that is right for you
The market is saturated with companies offering garden rooms, however one company in particular Modular Sips stands out. Based in Blackburn the company sell a range of SIP garden kits all available in a range of sizes and customisable options to suit your exact needs. Their kits are made up of 122mm thick SIP’s panels that form the walls, floor and roof. Included in the kit is the fixings you’ll need along with self assembly instructions. You would need to organise a suitable foundation system for the frame to be built upon, but otherwise, the kit includes everything to get your core structure up quickly. Also included in the kit is a breathable membrane used to wrap around the exterior of the SIP’s panels. This membrane is an important layer in a garden room build-up as it allows the structure to breathe, preventing moisture entering the structure while letting it escape from within the structure. The installation of the breather membrane also makes the structure temporarily weather tight until the cladding is fitted. Structural Insulated Panel’s have revolutionised the garden room industry because of their speed of build and the thermal performance they offer.

Why choose a self-build?
A self-build project is a fantastic way to gain more space without the requirement for a traditional home extension . The satisfaction of designing your own little building can be hugely rewarding. Not only are you saving money when you decide to build your own garden room/office/studio, your also purchasing an experience. A self build project means embarking on relationship development between you and your loved one. It’s time to invite friends and family round to join in the fun, perhaps with a persuasive BBQ on the go. Building with SIP’s provides many environmentally friendly advantages: as the panels are 15 times more insulated than concrete, proving to be a highly efficient building method.

If your thinking a DIY project is for you, then be sure to check out Modular Sips range of self build sip garden kits 

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