The last decade has seen an increased demand in coach holidays, and with the sheer amount of fantastic trips on offer throughout the UK, why not? More people are choosing to leave the car at home and instead travel by coach with an experienced driver.

Whether you are new to coach holidays, haven’t been in a while or are looking for your next adventure, or maybe even think it’s for fuddy duddies and not for you, we are confident that you will be satisfied with an AvaTravel coach excursion. Here’s why:

1. They’re not expensive

With the petrol prices and airplane and railway tickets constantly rising there’s certainly a reason to find a new method of transport to your holiday destination! Coach travel costs less in general, and can save you money throughout your trip.

When you travel with AvaTravel there’s lots of cost-saving benefits, from being picked up from your doorstep (no expensive taxi fares when you’re rushing to catch that train!) and escorted from destination to destination. As an established tour operator and agent we also benefit from savings which we directly pass on to you.

2. Being environmentally friendly

We’ve all heard about climate change and what we can do to help. When you travel by coach, you are immediately making a difference! A group of people travelling in one coach is better than each of those people all reaching the same destination in separate cars.

If you’re someone who likes to think about the environment, you can book yourself on one of our exciting coach holidays. It is a great way of staying ‘green’ without the boredom of staying at home!

3. No hassle

Holidays are supposed to alleviate stress, not increase it. You’ll be delighted with the hassle free experience of travelling with AvaTravel. We offer a variety of destinations with beautiful hotels and a thrilling array of activities and experiences.

You will never have to worry about waiting for hours in an unfriendly airport or worrying about your luggage boarding a separate plane. We’ve got everything under control, so from the minute we pick you up from your doorstep you can just sit back and relax.

4. See the sights

Coach travel gives you the perfect opportunity to explore corners of the UK and Europe that you may not otherwise be able to access, driving into the heart of cities and towns so you can really see the sights. Instead of being distracted by maps and concentrating on that car in front, you can simply gaze out of the window.

5. Safety

Statistically, coaches are safer than travelling by car; this is down to your coach driver knowing the roads and of course being more experience, allowing them to confidently and safely escort you from A to B.

6. Comfort

The days of cramming people aboard a horrible smelly coach are long gone.

We maintain a fleet of executive coaches which provide our customers with the highest possible level of comfort, creating a journey that is all part and parcel of the positive holiday experience as the destination itself. You can expect modern, air-conditioned vehicles with loads of legroom and plush, clean upholstery meaning you get a smooth and relaxing journey.

So if you are looking at coach holidays in Preston, look no further!

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