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Second Hand Boilers: Not Worth The Hassle

Broken down boilers are a nightmare. One minute everything is perfect, and the next you suddenly have no hot water or heating, with winter fast approaching its time to check your boiler.

How old is your boiler? coming up for 15 years old, or so you think – it was here when you moved in, and no one keeps the history of a boiler; I mean it’s just a boiler, right?

When the worst happens and your boiler packs in, you have a few choices

  • Repair – a costly repair bill, consisting of diagnosis, new parts and labour, in some cases this is a temporary solution until a different part breaks
  • Second hand – its becoming more common for people to offer there old boiler, normally via social media channels such as Facebook “buy and sell” groups, in which they claim the boiler is working “fine” – this is risky as you never know the real reason, most people get new boilers when there are issues with the current one, maybe it has a few new parts, but they know its only a matter of time before a more expensive part breaks, so they get rid of it and try and cover some of the costs of the new boiler by selling the old one. By the time it breaks, its not there problem, its yours and before you know it you’re faced with a big repair bill or having to buy a new boiler. Buying that second hand “working” boiler didn’t really save you any more in the long term.
  • Buying a new boiler – you could always dip into your savings and buy a new boiler outright, knowing full well that it comes with a full warranty, installation service and is more efficient thus lower energy bills.
  • Buying a new boiler on finance – its becoming more common for companies now to offer new boilers on finance, from 0% APR, this helps spread out the cost of the boiler from 1-10 years, along with a warranty of up to 10 years on selected models. You can get a quote online here for a new boiler on finance.

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