3 reasons why you should get a new worktop in time for the summer

Summer’s almost here, and that means lighter, longer nights, spending more time outdoors and enjoying the gorgeous weather (whenever we have it!). So why is summer the perfect time to get a new worktop? Let’s find out:

  1. You’ll be hosting more parties

In winter we don’t tend to feel like doing much. Dark evenings make the days feel shorter, and all we want to do after a long day of battling the cold weather is spend the evening tucked up in front on the TV with a hot chocolate. The only time you’ll probably host a party from October to February is around Christmas.

Yet summer is the season for socialising, so that means hosting dinner parties. It goes without saying that you want to make sure your kitchen looks as good as it possibly can for when your guests come round, and that’s why you should install a corian worktop in Preston.

  1. What about when it rains?

It’s alright standing over the barbecue all day when it’s hot and sunny, but what about if a sudden storm puts an end to your garden party? Make sure you’ve got a new worktop installed just in case you need to take all that barbecued food indoors, and your guests are still bound to have a fantastic time.

  1. The kitchen needs updating

There’s no better time for redecorating than when we’re full of energy, and summer definitely recharges our batteries. The worktop is such a focal point in any kitchen, so having a darker one can really impact a room. Out with the old, dreary winter colours and in with the brighter shades; easily create the illusion of more space with a cool, white worktop.

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