5 kitchen trends you should be following

Love keeping up with the latest interior design trends? Take a look at these ideas and make sure your kitchen is in style.

  1. Industrial-chic

OK, so this isn’t a completely new trend but the industrial look is set to maintain momentum for the rest of the year. Think copper-coloured pots and pans, exposed bricks and bulbs, plenty of black and grey plus lots of texture. It’s meant to be factory-inspired, so keep that in mind and you won’t go far wrong.

And of course, you can’t forget the atmospheric lighting over the island in the centre of the kitchen, complete with copper lampshade.

  1. Futuristic

Handles are so last year, don’t you know? For an ultra-contemporary look straight out of a sci-fi film, dispense with all handles on your kitchen cabinets and invest in technology. That self-boiling kettle you can control via your smartphone will bring your kitchen straight into the 22nd century.

  1. Storage

Stick all of those empty jars, mugs, the blender and anything else that’s taking up room on your worktop in large cupboards and drawers for a minimalist look. An island with open sides, exposing all of the items you’re storing away, makes a sophisticated statement.

  1. Quartz and granite worktops

What would look better in a contemporary-style kitchen than a quartz or granite worktop? Timeless and elegant, choose something elaborate with lots of different colours, or complement those grey tones on your wall and floor with a black worktop. Whether you need a granite or quartz worktop in Bradford or beyond, there’s so many options available.

  1. A pale paint palette

Finally, if you don’t fancy decorating in black or grey, make sure to stick to very pale pastels. The days of garish greens and yellows have gone (for now!).

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