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What type of floor should I have in my living room?

The living room is probably the one room in your home that you and your family spend the most time in. It’s where you all gather to watch TV, have a cup of tea with guests, and maybe even sit down to eat.

Choosing the right floor for your living room is therefore very important as you want to make sure it can withstand lots of activity and last a long time.

Here we take a look at two of the most popular types of living room flooring to help you decide which option to go for. Regardless of which you think would be a better fit for your home, don’t forget to pick up all the right flooring tools for the job.


The ultimate choice if comfort your main priority, everyone loves how soft carpet feels underfoot. Unlike wood, it isn’t noisy to walk on and won’t scratch. It’s also available in a multitude of colours, from beige to yellow to purple, so you’ll be able to find a shade that will perfectly match the rest of your living room’s décor. It also tends to be a lot easier to fit than wood, and with so many carpet tools available, the job will be quick and easy.


A shiny wooden floor would make any living room look sophisticated. Although usually only available in neutral colours, these never go out of style so you won’t need to replace the floor when everyone gets over the latest colour craze. Wood will also be a lot easier to clean than carpet because it doesn’t collect dust or dirt. With proper maintenance and care, your wooden floor will last for many years to come.

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